World Language Resource Creation

This spring my goal has been to dive head first into creating content for my German classroom. However my biggest concern in doing so was ensuring that my labor was being utilized to create works that could benefit students and teachers outside of my classroom.

Creating WL resources are particularly time intensive, and the “time-payoff” (hours spent using in the classroom / hours spent creating) is often out of sync. I want the work I do to incentivize others to share resources and collaborate.

I also want to help give teachers the structural supports they need to get started in creating their own materials.

For more information on OER from the Creative Commons:

Creating Activities from Openly Licensed Resources

The simplest (from a legal perspective) way of creating new OER is to create educational resources from already openly licensed materials.

A good bank to draw on initially is this portal from the CC:

For creating materials that draw from current events/new sources: (Other languages available)

For text excerpts from works already in the public domain

*My opinion on licensing*

Having spoken to other CC educators about the topic, I feel that the best practice is to license as much work as possible under CC-BY, at least until we reach a point where the “core” of an open curriculum is firmly established.

From a creator standpoint, it is important to note that this means that all works created may only share and adapt works licensed under:

  • CC-BY
  • CC-0*
  • Public Domain

*Additional licenses like those found on Pixabay, that do not require attribution or limit the way in which the work can be distributed.

Best practice in all uses is to attribute the adapted or shared works using the guidelines presented here on the Creative Commons wiki:

Additional Resources:


First we Learn to Listen – Grant Boulanger

Promoting Academic Integrity Online – Geoff Cain

CLEAR at MSU – Resources

COERLL at UT – Resources

ACTFL – Role of Technology in Language Learning

ACTFL Lesson and Unit Plan Templates

German Curriculum

Grenzenlos Deutsch – an open educational resource in German

Nthuleen – Resources from the University of Wisconsin

Grimms Grammar

Deutsch im Blick – Year one college German

All COERLL German Resources

AP German – AP Central – Useful resources and sample questions


Free Audiobooks in German

Listening Tasks Template


Project Gutenberg

Determine what level a reading is:

LLE – Language Level Evaluator (Free Klett Account Neccesary)

Essential Web-Apps

Gimkit – A flashcard app, great classroom mode but the new Assignments feature is good for assigning online

H5P – an HTML5 plugin for your LMS that allows for more diverse forms of formative assessments (A full list of it’s functionality is here:

Lyricstraining – A web app for learning languages through music – A great PDF reader plugin for your LMS that allows for asynchronous note taking and collaboration

Essential Software for ME:

Audacity – for making Audio edits and doing quick recordings.

OBS Studio – for recording screen captures w/ webcam overlays

Handbrake – for converting video files and working with subtitles

SubtitleEdit – the best for retiming subtitles (PC Only)

Aegisub – a pretty good subtitle editor for Mac

Adobe Photoshop – for editing and manipulating photos (although GIMP is an ok free alternative

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