Popular Social Media Dimensions

General Suggestions:

Always design square photos to 1080×1080 and shrink them to the appropriate size.
Phone sized pictures/videos (instagram story, tiktok video) are 1080×1920.

Social Media

Instagram Post: 1080×1080
Instagram Story: 1080×1920
TikTok Profile Picture: 200×200
TikTok Video: 1080×1920
Facebook Banner: 820×312
Facebook Profile Picture: 1080×1080
Twitter Profile Picture: 400×400


Discord Profile Picture: 120×120
Xbox Gamerpic: 1080×1080
Playstation Avatar: 440×440
Steam Pic: 184×184


According to research, homework does not increase academic performance; in fact, it may worsen it. Homework instills a bad attitude toward school and education in pupils, making them dread coming to class.

the network admins of my life have always made me acambron, ajcambro, acambro... but a first... cambrona. Spanish speakers, feel free to chuckle.

For college students, print exposure (reading for pleasure) defeats all rivals, including high school grades, in predicting wide range of knowledge of variety of subjects. Stanovich,K. & Cunningham,A.1993. Where does knowledge come from? Journal of Educational Psych 85,2:211-229.

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