Creative Commons Certificate – Unit 1

This week I’m beginning licensing through the Creative Commons and I wanted to use this blog post to collect my thoughts and ideas from the process.

Course Design and Apps

While taking the course, probably the thing that struck me first was the way the course was structured, and the way course was designed, and the learning apps it utilizes. Here are a few that have been part of the course, that I am interested to learn more about.

Key Takeaways

This was my assignment for the Unit. Not my best work, but definitely an interesting exercise in creating content using the CC

Further Readings

In addition to the course module, this licensing process has provided a lot of fascinating reading, both from the additional materials section of the course page, but also the discussions taking place on the CC slack channels.

As someone who often thinks about the relationship between capital/labor and how to produce new goods in a way that is equitable to both parties, I am intrigued by the book Made with CC eBook . I often find myself daydreaming about starting a small business, but doing so in a way that was amenable to my values and ideals has been hard to reconcile. This book casts a light on ways in which to go about this that more equitable and sustainable.

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